Monday, March 23, 2009

A Change of Scenery

The New York State Bar Association invited me to blog for their website. I've accepted. Heck, they have a bigger soap-box and maybe I can score some free CLE credits.

My new digs: Smallfirmville ("Smallville" was taken and I wasn't about to get punched in the face by the man of steel.)

I hope you know that I'll miss and cherish the good times we've had. The last three weeks have just flown by. It definitely felt more like two weeks. Or even a week and a half.

My new Editor seems to have a good sense of humor. She did, however, make a point of mentioning that some of her colleagues were concerned about me ticking off the Office of Court Administration. She used the word colleagues much in the same way a kid who's been caught shoplifting tells his dad, "I have this friend who is in a lot of trouble."

I'd try to keep this blog up and running but I can barely keep myself up and running. I'm cursed with a metablolism that only operates on fear and coffee.

Lest I should ultimately tick someone off at the Office of Court Administration, don't delete me from your Internet Explorer favorites. In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his first five or six takes, "I might be back".

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